A custom deck of playing cards featuring the iconic Bicycle logo.

Printed by The US Playing Card Company on a Crushed Classic Stock.

After 130 years the classic Bicycle playing card gets a modern, sophisticated, and fresh look & feel.

Bicycle Insignia Back is the first custom deck of playing cards from The Magic Firm. Printed by the US Playing Card Company, the Insignia Back deck embodies a timeless feel. The iconic Bicycle logo adorns the card backs in a classic casino-style placement, creating a simple elegance that makes a bold statement.

The recognizability of the bicycle logo makes these cards perfectly suited for game night with friends, fantastic for magicians, and stunning for cardistry.

Insignia Back are printed on a Crushed Classic Stock with an embossed Air-Cushion “Magic Finish” to give a premium feel and handling. No matter what the application, Insignia Backs are designed to deliver the goods night after night,

All styles available in single decks for $8 or as a brick of a dozen for $80 (like getting 2 decks free!)


Bicycle Insignia Gaff Tutorial for the gimmicks that are included with the White and Black Decks