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"Most people come out here and just hit us with one emotion. They're funny, or they're amazing, and you started out with one of the funniest, most interesting images we've seen, and then at the end you had a CHANGE that was so beautiful that we really cared about this trick deeply." - Penn Jillette 


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The Magic Firm is a full-service magic consulting company. We offer consulting on all aspects of magic creation, development, and performance.


The Magic Firm was created in 2014 when Brent Braun and Daniel Martin began to discuss why most off-the-shelf magic shows aren't great. Brent’s experience in theater, the creation of magic, and the business of magic, combined with Daniel’s “nothing is impossible” attitude, allowed them to create a show that would go on to dominate Daniel’s marketplace and lead to several awards. They immediately realized that there must be a way to use what they had learned to make magicians better. They began to work together to combine and hone their skills in a way that they knew would be useful to other professional performers. The Magic Firm was born, and since then Brent and Daniel have been making better magic.

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Looking for original and unique magic that makes you stand out from other performers? We offer full trick development. Either by starting with a trick you are already performing and developing it into an original piece or by making anything you can imagine possible. Our years of creating magic have given us many tools that allow us to create magic that is not only unexplainable but also unbelievable.



A good script breathes life into a magic effect. While it can be the most difficult and most often overlooked part of an act, you don’t have to go it alone! We can work in person or even from a video of your routine, set, or entire show. Give us your sticking point and we’ll get you unstuck. We’ll bring your show to new heights with a professional-level script that will show you where you want to take your audience and how to get them there.



Your audience needs to see “you” in the magic you perform. The Magic Firm will work closely with you to infuse your performance with personality – your personality. The effects you perform will have that unique stamp that will set you apart from any other magician. Every performer has a signature effect. What’s yours? Let us help you find it!


What’s show business without business? The Magic Firm can help you get a grip on some of the more…not-so-fun aspects of the biz. We can help you create a comprehensive business plan that, when followed, will make you money. We will help you take your passion and turn it into a business that you’re going to love to run!


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"There are a precious few times in each of our lives that we see someone work and think 'This is true genius.' Work with Brent, and you'll have a moment of your own."

-Brian Brushwood

Star of Scam School, Hacking the System and The Modern Rogue



"I will say without hesitation that it was probably the best money spent in my nearly 18-year career."

bryan saint

"I can't thank The Magic Firm enough for helping me with my act that fooled Penn & Teller."

adam wilber


“Anything good in my show is directly from Brent.”

jonny zavant

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 "I love it. Very clever ideas. As a fan of the two card transposition, I love Brent’s version.”

-Doc Eason


“When old plots blow you away, when sleights go right past you, when you look at the explanations and think how simple the methods are, then you know you're looking at something special. Braun's material is special”

-Visions, The Online Journal of the Art of Magic

Welcome to The Magic Firm.  A consulting service for professional entertainers looking for the very best in business management, private coaching, script writing and personal development services.

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